Pisces is the house of Jupiter, therefore when this sign is found rising at birth the native is ruled by the fortunate Planet Jupiter. It is the last sign of the Zodiac; its representing symbol, the fishes.

You may be considered very self-distrustful with a certain restlessness, lacking confidence which gives a tendency to overdo that which you undertake. Melancholy feelings will present themselves. Wealth depends largely upon your exertions and personal merit, and heavy losses may be experienced through careless speculations and lack of caution.

It is difficult to arouse you and you are not easily pacified. Your disposition is strong but changeable; you frequently change your decisions; the impressions made upon you may not be guaranteed as lasting. Your nature may be termed double and difficult to understand, and you are often a child of failure, but not a total or real failure, for there is no such thing.

You are very receptive of the prevailing conditions around you, and lack decision.

Spiritualists and mediums are born under this sign.

The indications are a proud, independent spirit, with good morals. You love pleasures and appreciate uprightness, your nature being somewhat of a double kind. You find it difficult to really admit your true character.

You possess power to rule, without tyranny; eloquence is well developed. Wit is also prominent and your spirit very sociable and considerate. You are fond of good living, having a great desire for position or office.

Disputes and arguments even when you are proved to be in the right do not create malice within your breast, for you will not retain a vindictive spirit after a matter is fought out.

Your opinions are catholic, and with your profession much versatility will be experienced. Your relatives are subject to violent experiences, and you are likely to have more sisters than brothers. You are subject to long voyages, and disputes with reference to family property; Parents in Law or a second marriage usually occurring on the mother's side. Some misfortune is liable to come to your partner in life, also some trouble or dispute may set in between yourself and parents, which will be the cause of leaving home at an early date. Journeys are indicated either for the purpose of claiming property or obtaining office, conquest or commerce.

You are liable to be the object of much envy, hidden and open animosities, but you will be impotent to cause personal hurt. Your overanxious and worrying disposition makes you melancholy, and disturbs your digestive forces and weakens the system. Pisces symbolizes the feet on the physical and the understanding on the mental plane, and your ideal may be summed up or expressed as Peace and Rest.

Sea captains, naval men, novelists, bookkeepers, cashiers and accountants are found under this sign, also vocations which require attention to detail.

Mars when ascending creates a restless and confused spirit giving losses through enemies and treachery. Danger of traveling; great troubles with love affairs, marriage and children. In a female's nativity, when ruled by Mars, she is likely to go astray, experiencing many disappointments.

Ruled by Saturn, the subject is very contemplative and thoughtful. Success in business is denoted; a religious and often a fanatical spirit. Danger of falls or drowning and quarrels with powerful enemies are experienced.

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