If born under the sign Scorpio you are influenced by the planet Mars all through life, it being lord of your horoscope. Under these conditions you may be summed up as proud, obstinate, bold and of warlike character; having great inclinations to rush into quarrels and disputes, which are likely to be harmful to you. The indications are that you possess a very penetrating mind, being capricious and somewhat poetical. This sign often confers upon its subjects a religious spirit.

Your will may be considered firm with an immovable disposition, brusque and aggressive. You have the ability to deal very severely with opponents and sometimes violent, but this does not prevent or destroy your good and generous nature; which will be exercised in many ways. There is great attraction for the opposite sex signified, with much persistence, patience and skill.

You possess power to annihilate theories and cast away beliefs; which is due to the accurate intellect conferred upon you. You are remarkable and have a thirst in the direction of finding out hidden causes and private affairs of others. Your mode is silent and discreet, slow to anger but difficult to appease. As an enemy you become dangerous and vindictive, unless your nature is highly developed.

Your surroundings depend much upon your amiability.

Scorpio gives a tendency to prejudice the mind of the native, giving dogmatism with a very ambitious spirit.

Country life is appreciated, and you have a love for architecture and beautiful edifices. You have ability for occult researches, detective work, or chemistry. Your manners are rudely inclined at times, nevertheless frank and fearless.

Scorpio and the planet Mars confers upon you a chance of an inheritance, some wealth sooner or later.

Your father may be in danger of a sudden reverse of fortune, if born during the night: at any rate he should be a help to you. Your imagination is fertile and your nature very sorrowful. Much happiness or success up to the age of about thirty five is not your lot.

The latter part of life is the best, and you may gain possessions; probably through an accident, journey or some religious connection.

Your brothers are few and even one of them, if in existence, is threatened with an accident by liquids, water or falls.

You possess much mental pride, being capable of looking after your own interests. Several enemies may be found among your associates.

With love affairs you are liable to experience serious contests, this also applies to marriage. You must guard against fevers, headaches, neuralgia and accidents when taking sea-voyages; your hands and arms are also in danger of accidents. Restrain yourself from extremes, or from excesses and overdoing either with work or pleasure; for such may create sickness.

Cultivate your higher faculties, keep the animal in subjection; then you are capable of reaching and rising to a very high position.

Widowhood to the fair sex may come early in life, there is likelihood of a second marriage, one of which will be far from happy,

During your life bereavement will be caused through the loss of a loved one, and your partner runs a risk of danger, through a quadruped or enemy. You manifest exceptional ability to command; but a faithful servant if holding such a position.

You are subject to journeys by land and sea; if you leave your native land you are liable to be the victim of some plot or ambush, but in this respect you will not be injured, for the influences around you will preserve you from danger.

Distinguished people will be interviewed and their familiarity experienced. Violent antagonists may come from your partners, or be found among those called friends.

You tend toward a nervous, bilious temperament. Your higher attributes are will power and courage.

If the Lord of the Horoscope be rising, the influence of Mars will bring deception, perilous journeys, danger of injury through sharp instruments and cruel enemies. This combination would increase determination and produce danger from excessive affections.

When Venus is rising it gives an original character; but the nature is strong and masterful, and the subject in love affairs will be averse to wisdom, and if caution is not exercised, sorrow will come; also secret female enemies may be expected.

The Sun when rising promises some degree of fame or honor; but increases the faculty of pride, and the native may be mercilessly cruel. There is also danger of loss in position.

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